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December 6, 2023

Imagine, if you will, finally having the time to book that much-deserved massage session. You eagerly anticipate the moment when the therapist’s hands plied deep into those stubborn knots, effectively melting away the week’s stress. The only thing that could potentially spoil this perfect picture? Picking the wrong massage oil.

But fear not, as your guide and resident masseur, I’m here to help you make the right massage oil selection– carefully weighing their properties and benefits to provide the best massage experience possible.

What To Consider In Massage Oil Selection

When choosing the right massage oil, there are several key factors to bear in mind: skin type, aroma, texture, and warming properties. These elements can greatly affect your overall massage experience, so it’s essential to select the right one.

Skin Type

Just as with skincare products, your type of skin plays a pivotal role in massage oil selection. For example, if you have dry skin, consider using heavier oils like avocado or wheat germ oil, famed for their intense moisturising properties.

Those with oily skin, on the other hand, might find lighter oils such as sweet almond or apricot kernel more appropriate.


The aroma of the massage oil can add a whole another layer of relaxation and stress relief. If you fancy a light, cheerful scent, consider citrus-based oils like mandarin or grapefruit. On the other hand, lavender and chamomile oils are popular choices for those who need their massage session to transport them to a more tranquil space.

It’s worth standing a moment on the group known as essential oils. These potent plant extracts, with their rich aromatic properties, can influence mood, ease tension, and even promote mental clarity when used alongside your massage oil.

Texture and Absorption

Imagine feeling sticky long after your massage–including during that long journey back home– definitely not the kind of after-massage glow we’re looking for. This is why I also rate oils based on their texture and absorption rate.

Oils such as jojoba and grape seed absorb quickly and leave a barely-there residue that feels smooth to the touch. In contrast, oils like olive and macadamia do take significantly longer to absorb, but their richly hydrating properties might be worth the trade-off.

Warming Properties

Some oils are known to create a gentle warming effect when massaged into the skin, adding to the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Arnica, for instance, is known for its warming nature as well as its ability to help alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Massage Oil

My Top 3 Massage Oil Selections

With so many oils to consider, perhaps I can share my top three favourites with you.

Grape Seed Oil: This wonderfully light, all-rounder oil is my ideal go-to. Not too heavy, it is perfect for most skin types, save for those allergic to nuts.

Jojoba Oil: Highly prized for its long shelf-life, jojoba oil suits all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone skin. It goes well with any essential oil, and its anti-inflammatory properties are a welcome bonus.

Coconut Oil: Both nourishing and easily absorbable, coconut oil tends to be a crowd-favourite. Its sweet, subtle aroma is also a hit amongst my clients.

Wrapping up

In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to have a personalised massage oil for everyone. But since we can’t all be chemists, the next best thing is being educated about our massage oil selection. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now prepared to get the best out of your massage therapy for every spot of tension you harbour.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Paul, at Paul’s Massage. I promise you a bespoke massage experience right at your location, ensuring the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage possible. Remember, the power to enhance your massage experience lies in the right massage oil selection. Stay well and see you soon.

Massage Therapist Paul

Paul, is a seasoned therapist, with over 15 years of expertise in the field. His dedication to delivering a tailored massage experience that caters to your unique needs sets him apart. Whether you seek deep tissue relief, the serenity of a relaxing massage, or specialized care with a pregnancy massage, Paul has you covered.

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